Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tip 12. Hydrotherapy, the treatment of disease with the bath, is one of the most useful nature cures.

The hipbath is one of the most useful forms of hydrotherapy. As the name suggests, this mode of treatment involves only the hips and the abdominal region below the navel. A special type of  tub is used for the purpose. The tub is filled with water in such a way that it covers the hips and
reaches up to the navel when the patient sits in it. Generally, four to six gallons of water are required. If the special tub is not available, a common tub may be used. A support may be placed under one edge to elevate it by two or three inches. Hipbath is given in cold, hot, neutral or alternate temperatures.

Certain precautions are necessary while taking these therapeutic baths. Full baths should be
avoided within three hours after a meal and one hour before it. Local baths like the hipbath and
footbath may, however, be taken two hours after a meal. Clean and pure water must be used
for baths and water once used should not be used again. While taking baths, temperature and
duration should be strictly observed to obtain the desired effects. A thermometer should always
be used to measure the temperature of the body. Women should not take any of the baths
during menstruation. They can take only hipbaths during pregnancy till the completion of the
third month.