Thursday, August 27, 2009

Q :How to follow this blog......? A : Just follow for 365 days Each day with new tip

Nature intended to fuel the body with the right foods and the
appropriate nutrients. It is the responsibility of the person only to partake of food in moderation and to engage in the simplest asanas and healing baths. Water, colour, heat, and cold can do the rest.

Here i am providing with 365 tips for 365 days ( one year :

The first eight of these 365 healing tips have been chosen to introduce you to the core concepts of the nature cure. They offer an example of healing outside conventional medicine, that is, colour therapy, and they progress through recognizing the problems with conventional therapies, basic nutritional principles, and basic dietary therapies. The balance of this collection of tips offers new and insightful methods of maintaining vibrant and energetic health without side effects, at a minimum cost, through means you yourself can master.

These tips, of course, do not contradict the advice of your physician, nor are they are means of diagnosis or disease treatment in the medical sense. They form the basis of your personal healing modality, and can carry you to the heights of scientific healing in ways grounded in the timeless understanding of the body and the spirit afforded by the science of Ayurveda

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  1. I am looking forward to my tips for good health! Good luck with your blog! I know you will do very well.
    Love from Mrs. Slug